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If you have had a chance to read my 9th book

"Basil and the Sleepy Little Town"

I promised some fun extra tidbits about my books


Basil and the Film Shoot

was started from an Idea from Nathan Temby who joked that I needed a way to link all my written work... My two poetry books and my fun holiday romance are mentioned in my latest book... Linking everything I have written in one way or another...

joey xmas 2.jpg

The little elf in

"Joey's Christmas Wish"

is actually an inheritance from my grandmother, to my mom, and then to me...The vintage ornaments are from my husbands grandmother


In Basil and the Secret of the Wisteria Inn


The Mystery writers name is an anagram.


I keep this little notebook in my desk to notate all sorts of odd tidbits for my books, it is fill with notations of French, German and Latin words, tarot card meanings, and odd dates and information.


The Old Man in

"Basil and the Sleepy Little Town"

in nammed Bille A'Encregel

Ever wonder where people get charachter names?

Take a look at the photo and see!



"Basil and the Ghosts of the Past"

I did a lot of research on memorable San Francisco locations

Many of them I saw while I was with my urban hiking group.

we did almost all of the guided starways walks in this very fun book.

Shout out to Des,Tat,Moni for many fun walks!


Basil , Sylvia and Maurice have a long history together..

My Dear Friend Alex and I would act as messengers for our alter egos Basil and Sylvia the collection of letters I have held on to for 30 years is below. Maurice was added on to help Basil, while Rupert (who was behind the scenes) helped Sylvia.

Much love to Alex for letting me take Sylvia on all sorts of adventures

basil and sylvia.jpg


"Basil and the Disappering Diva"

Pop star Tommy Shane releases two singles as a 45

Tommy shane is the alter ego for my friend

Nathan Temby

Nate released both of the songs I mentioned in the book!!

Life imitates Art! ...or is that...  Art imitates Life!

basil photo.jpg


"Basil and the Disappering Diva"

Basil starts writing a novel whlie recuperation from a leg injury,

I took it upon myself to help him finish his gay homage to film noir

A story about people hiding behing facades... no Irony here...

one of the few early photos I have of Basil,

I think Sylvia took this photo of him


Thank You

I am very grateful to a bunch of my friends for letting me borrow them to populate Basils world.

Alex Felton

Nathan Temby

Josiah Stickels

Kelley Bielski

Michael Bielski

Kathy Temby

Tatjana Martin

Paul Torrigino

Zac Munds 

and My Hubby Michael Schuster

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