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Basil and The Possessed Pin

Book 11 in The Basil and Company Series


The friends are struggling to keep their retail store afloat and work on Tommy and Sylvia's newest holiday film, when things go wrong. Revenge, Magic, and and a twist of fate...will change all of their lives.

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The Magic In His Kiss

It was Love at first sight,
but Periwinkle and Zackary were from two different worlds,
Witch and Mortal.
What happens when those worlds collide and love continues to bloom?

New !

cookie cover.jpg

Basil and The Cookie Jar

Book 10 in The Basil and Company Series


Basil and his friends are at it again, this time a missing cookie jar leads to a mystery.
A bit of magic, a lot of sass, and a vintage cookie jar...what could go wrong?


Basil and The Mechanical Carnival

Book 9 in The Basil and Company Series


Basil and his friends are at it again... This time the the inheritance of a carnival that is much more than it seems. A bit of magic, a lost love, and a bit of whimsy, and a lot of sass, make this a fun read.


Basil and The Film Shoot

Book 8 in The Basil and Company Series


Basil and his friends are at it again... This time the filming of a gothic romance, a disappearing building, an amorous movie idol, revenge and ghosts create havoc. Can Basil and his friends make everything better? Read and find out


Pearls and Poodles

Book 2 in The Biff Bonebeck Cases


Biff Bonebeck, former San Francisco cop and private detective, now an office worker, takes on a case of jewelry stolen from a highbrow social event. With the Help of his Drag Queen boyfriend, his sister and his boss, they set out to snare a criminal who is not what they seem. This is an Homage to Film Noir.

wisteria key.jpg

Basil and the Secret of the Wisteria Inn

Book 7 in the Basil and Company series


Basil and his friends are involved in another adventure, this time a purchase of a mansion leads to a weekend filled with a book signing, a fashion show, a concert, a mysterious writer, secrets and a bit of magic.

Can Basil manage to make sense of it all? Read and find out


Joeys Christmas Wish

Joey has a new life, with a lot of decision to make, and the holidays don't help. Can the magic of Christmas help a hopeless romantic make up his mind ?


Basil and The Vegas Review

Book 6 in the Basil and Company series


Basil and his friends are involved in another adventure, this time a mysterious invite to Las Vegas leads to a Vegas show, a French Fashion Designer, a singing ghost and a magic convention...What could possibly go wrong?


Basil and The Yarn Show 

Book 5 in the Basil and Company series


Basil and his friends are involved in another adventure, this time a stolen knitting design, and magical charms, all during a busy yarn show.


Basil and the Sleepy Little Town 

Book 4 in the Basil and Company series


The continuing adventures of Basil and his friends. This time they purchase a town to make over into an Artists Resort, but ghosts, curses, missing cash, and hidden rooms ,make this sleepy little town more than it seems

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Basil and the Ghosts of the Past

Book 3 in the Basil and Company series

Basil and  Friends are caught up in a movie shoot that turns out tot be more than they expected. A fun romp with a treasure hunt, ghosts, and a bit of magic

Basil and the Disappearing Diva

Book 2 in the Basil and Company series

A sassy sequel to Basil and Company.. Basil and his friends are caught up in another adventure, this time, with a famous pop diva, hidden passages, a magic book, and record store.

Basil and Co.jpg

Basil and Company

Two novellas in the vein of childhood detective novels.

Basil and His friends find,treasure,secret panels, shoplifting grannies, and a few laughs

My mom got to hear the first draft before she passed away.. it made her smile!

withercrest book.jpg

Withercrest Manor

My Gay Gothic Romance homage to romance novels of the 70's

When he arrives as housekeeper to the vacant Withercrest manor, he never expected to find its owner wrestling with the ghosts of his past, or love.


Bea's Books


Patty went to spend a month with her Great Aunt Bea, in her mysterious bookshop by the ocean.Patty didn't know she was in store for a magical summer that would change her life

This story was based off an Idea a friend and I had years ago.

little gifts art.jpg

Little Gifts 

A collection of 100 words or less stories/poems with a offbeat holiday theme

I really get a kick out of this book

it would make a great unexpected holiday gift


Princess Puddlesplash

A Princess with a big heart, but bad ideas,finds her real purpose

Whith the Idea of making a book my friend could read in her classroom

I spent a Over a year on the Illustrations and two years getting this to print.

This was truly a labor of love

life in words.jpg

A Life in Words

A collection of Poems my mother wrote over a span of 30 years, They span from silly to sad, but always reflects her original voice.

I spent a year on this project.

It was one of my mothers finals wishes to be published

I hope I did her proud! 


He Felt Elegant 

A collection of poetry I wrote in my twenties

Silly surreal and sarcastic

this includes the Text and illustration of my hand bound book "23" meant as an independent studies art piece that was never completed

I was very proud of it at the time


The Classy Detective

A Novella

Book 1 The Biff Bonebeck Cases

A collaboration with Basil Seaton

Biff Bonebeck is a down on his luck detective, till a mysterious client starts to unravel his world, with a case where everyone, including Biff has something to hide.

A fun Gay homage to Film Noir

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